In the month of March, it’s important that anyone in Pennsylvania who has a child support, spousal support or alimony pendente lite order thinks about their unreimbursed expenses from the year before.  Almost every support order requires each party to share responsibility for medical, dental, and vision expenses that are not covered by insurance such as co-pays.  The party receiving support is responsible for the first $250 per year per person. 

Why think about unreimbursed support expenses in the month of March?

Under Pennsylvania law, and likely the terms of your support order, March 31st is the deadline to seek reimbursement for the expenses incurred in the prior calendar year.  If you fail to meet this deadline, you can still seek enforcement by the court to order the other party to reimburse you for their percentage share as designated in the support Order, but it is DISCRETIONARY.  If you later seek enforcement and you did not meet that deadline, the court can choose NOT to require the other party to reimburse you for their share.

To ensure your right to reimbursement under your support order, you must submit documentation by March 31st to the other party verifying:

  • the expenses you incurred (receipts, invoices, etc.)
  • proof of the amount you paid (credit card receipts, check copies, etc.)

You will need to prove that this documentation was provided to the other party prior to March 31st. Most Domestic Relations Offices require that it be sent to the other party by certified mail with a return receipt.  

 What if you comply with all the requirements and the other party still does not reimburse you for your expenses? 

You can file a petition with the court for contempt and enforcement to obtain a court order requiring the other party to do so.  In order to stay organized, it is best to keep a running worksheet of all expenses you have incurred throughout the year and save copies of your invoices receipts and proof of payment.  This will make meeting the March 31st deadline easier and less stressful.  Keep in mind that the other party may have also incurred expenses and you may owe them reimbursement for your percentage share under the order.  The funds owed to each party for reimbursement will be offset and a balance will be due to whoever has incurred more of these expenses. 

If you have questions about unreimbursed medical, dental, vision expense or any other expenses that are provided for in your support order, you should consult with a Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman family law attorney to make sure you are clear on what is owed and what you need to do to preserve your right to reimbursement. You can contact us here, or call 610-840-2626 to set up a consultation.