Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The traditional method to resolve legal disputes in the area of matrimonial, domestic relations, or family law matters is contested litigation through the court system. This process can be time consuming and expensive. Two alternatives to this process are mediation and arbitration, generally known as alternative dispute resolution

Divorce and custody disputes do not require the courtroom to be legally binding. In fact, a growing number of people are opting to conduct their divorce, support or custody proceedings in a private setting such as Potts, Shoemaker & Grossman, LLC, thereby easing the burden of costly, time-consuming and intimidating court appearances. 

Potts, Shoemaker & Grossman, LLC is committed to the resolution of domestic relations disputes through the most efficient means to reach the parties’ goals, whether by agreement or arbitration award. Many people seek Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to ensure a decision that is both quick and fair. We will help find a solution to resolve the matters and facilitate an agreement between all parties. 

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution including arbitration and mediation solutions:

  • Divorcing parties select an Arbitrator or Mediator, who may have specific expertise in the area where the dispute lies, such as taxes, real estate or business valuation.
  • The Arbitration or Mediation will be scheduled at a time convenient for the parties, and need not be limited by the judges’ or court’s calendar.
  • The Arbitration or Mediation will be conducted in a private, confidential setting.
  • An efficient resolution will result in significant costs savings and reduce legal fees.

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