As we close another chapter and step into the new year, it’s a time for reflection and gratitude at Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman. The year 2023 has been a remarkable journey, marked by significant milestones, challenges, and countless moments of triumph in the realm of family law.

In this year-in-review, we take a moment to celebrate our achievements, reflect on community contributions, and appreciate our team growth and dedication. Our commitment to providing compassionate legal guidance has never been stronger, as we tirelessly navigated the complexities of family law to protect and empower families and individuals.

From landmark cases to community outreach, and from internal growth to embracing new legal landscapes, 2023 has been a year of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Join us as we reflect on the milestones that shaped our year, the lives we’ve touched, and the bright future we’re building together.

Attorney and Firm Awards

In recognition of our experience and dedication, Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman has proudly garnered multiple accolades in 2023, showcasing the exceptional talent and commitment within our team.

Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman Best of Main Line Today 2023
Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman Rated by Superlawyers 2023
Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman Top Lawyers of Chester County Daily Local 2023
Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman Best of Law Firm West Chester Lifestyle 2023
  • Julie Potts, Tiffany Shoemaker, and Shelly Grossman have been honored as “Main Line Today Top Lawyers 2023,” a testament to their proficiency and reputation in the legal community.
  • Our firm was named the “Daily Local Top Law Firm 2023” in the categories of Divorce and Mediation, highlighting our exceptional services in these areas of family law.
  • Erin Patton joins Tiffany Shoemaker in receiving the “Daily Local Top Lawyers 2023” award, underscoring their individual legal prowess and dedication to client success.
  • Julie Potts also received distinct recognition with the “Philadelphia Magazine Excellence in Family Law” award, affirming her outstanding contributions and impact in the field.
  • Our firm has been chosen by the community as the “West Chester Lifestyle Reader’s Choice 2023” for best law firm in West Chester, reflecting our deep commitment to serving and making a positive difference in the lives of families in the local surrounding area.
  • Julie Potts and Tiffany Shoemaker were both named “Super Lawyers” for the year 2023. Super Lawyers recognizes the top attorneys nationwide, across a variety of practice areas and firm sizes, using a patented process of independent research and peer input.

These accolades collectively underscore PSG’s standing as a leading light in family law, driven by a team of distinguished and compassionate legal professionals.

Educational Resources and Seminars

Our team members were able to graciously carve time out of their busy lives to contribute thoughtful educational resources to benefit both our colleagues and our community members seeking information and guidance about the family law process.

Shelly Grossman, Esq of Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman hosting an Arbitration Training Seminar with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Shelly Grossman, one of our esteemed partners, hosted an impressive Arbitration Training Seminar with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) in Chicago. Her session provided comprehensive training to some of the country’s most prominent family lawyers, covering essential aspects of successful arbitration such as conflict of interest, domestic violence screening, and managing various arbitration processes and challenges, including virtual conferences.

Shelly Grossman, Esq of Potts, Shoemaker and Grossman hosting an Arbitration Training Seminar with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Julie Potts was featured in an article in Main Line Today magazine, where she discussed the often underestimated impact of social media on court cases. She demonstrated this impact through a case where she uncovered a hidden $50,000 child support debt through social media posts, showcasing her adept investigative skills and innovative approach to legal challenges.

Shelly Grossman made a contribution to the Fall 2023 edition of Family Advocate. Collaborating with Carolyn Moran Zack from Momjian Anderer LLC, Shelly co-authored an article that delves into the complexities of divorce mediation agreements. This publication provides valuable insights and practical solutions for navigating the challenges of mediation, further establishing our firm’s expertise in family law.

Julie, Tiffany and Shelly also posted various “Partner Roundtable” videos which can be found on our website here and also on the firm’s YouTube channel, giving practical information about the family law system and common scenarios they deal with in their various legal cases.

In May, Julie Potts launched her podcast “Lawfully Ever After“, where she covers a wide range of family law topics including tips and opinions for navigating legal matters in divorce, custody and support; as well as candid conversations to help listeners get through the other side of one of the toughest times of their lives. 

Julie Potts host of family law podcast Lawfully Ever After

Our attorneys contributed valuable free family law information to our blog posts, offering real-world scenarios and their perspective on various family law topics:

Melissa Iacobucci:
High Income Child Support
How to Prepare for Your Divorce Consultation  
What can we learn from Kevin Costner’s high income child support case? 
5 Reasons why your family law attorney doesn’t care about your infidelity 

PJ McGinnis:
Fault or No-Fault Divorce: Does it matter? – Why pointing fingers and casting blame does not usually help advance your case. 
Secret Divorce Planning – Where’d the money go? 

Julie Potts:
The Unseen Harm of Derogatory Contact Names in Custody Battles 

Erin Patton:
Is Pennsylvania a 50/50 State? 
FAQ Spousal Support, Alimony 

Tiffany Shoemaker:
The Guardian Ad Litem – The Most Underutilized Tool in Your Custody Toolbelt 
Co-parent Counseling: What is it and do I want to do it?  

Charitable Causes Supported

This year at PSG, we have been deeply involved in a variety of charitable initiatives, reflecting our firm’s commitment to giving back to the community.

  • Our office was thrilled to host the Second Annual Life Skills Field Trip for Peirce Middle School, introducing future attorneys to the legal world in a fun and educational setting.
Potts Shoemaker and Grossman supports the Life Skills program at Peirce Middle School.

  • We sponsored and participated in the Bournelyf Hand-to-Hand 5K in downtown West Chester, supporting a summer day camp with programs involving outdoor recreational activities with a focus on lifetime wellness, and community outreach, in conjunction with developing communication and social skills for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • We partnered with the local non-profit Prepared to Thrive, where we accepted essential donations for families in need, ranging from clothing to children’s items, at our West Chester office.
  • We contributed to the DJF Professional Clothing Drive, where we collected clothing to help individuals prepare for job interviews and employment opportunities.
Potts Shoemaker and Grossman supports the Downtown West Chester Foundation Up On the Roof Event
Up On The Roof Fundraiser
  • We sponsored the “Up On the Roof” event, supporting the West Chester Downtown Foundation’s efforts in beautifying and marketing Downtown West Chester.
Potts Shoemaker and Grossman in the costume contenst for the 18th Annual Trial Run 5K hosted by Legal Aid of Southeastern PA
  • We participated in and sponsored the 18th Annual Trial Run 5K hosted by Legal Aid of Southeastern PA, an organization which aims to provide quality legal representation to low-income and vulnerable people in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties, to empower them to solve problems without legal representation through legal education and increased access to the courts, and to change community practices and systems that cause or aggravate poverty.

  • Getting in the holiday spirit, we partnered with Marine Toys for Tots as a collection site for toys for children in Chester and Southern Montgomery Counties.
Potts Shoemaker and Grossman in front of the Christmas Tree in West Chester as sponsors for the Chester County Hospital Lights up Holiday Weekends in West Chester.

These varied initiatives, from educational events to festive celebrations, embody our firm’s dedication to enriching and supporting our community, not just legally, but in every aspect of life.

Firm Team Growth and Anniversaries

  • Patrick (PJ) McGinnis, Esq. joined our team in March of 2023, and he has been a wonderful addition to the firm in handling cases involving divorce, property division, child and spousal support, custody, and legal name changes.
  • In April of 2023, Abby Tuttle, Esq. joined our team, bringing an impressive background in child abuse prosecution and complex domestic litigation.
  • We were excited to promote Christine Hall to Office Manager in the spring of 2023, and she has done a wonderful job facilitating and managing all of our office logistics and operations.
  • We were pleased to add Jill Kirwin to the team this year, and she has been providing our clients with excellent customer service as our Intake Coordinator.
  • In December of 2023, we were happy to add Zachary Klobus to the team as a paralegal.

Additionally, we appreciate the dedication of our team members who have been with us as far back as the beginning of the firm in 2019, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come:

  • Celebrating 5 Years in 2023:
    • Julie Potts, Partner
  • Celebrating 4 Years in 2023:
    • Tiffany Shoemaker, Partner
  • Celebrating 3 Years in 2023:
    • Shelly Grossman, Partner
    • Shannon Abboud, Paralegal
  • Celebrating 2 Years in 2023:
    • Erin Patton, Associate Attorney
    • Kathi Hopkins, Administrative Assistant
  • Celebrating 1 Year in 2023:
    • Melissa Iacobucci, Associate Attorney
    • Vanessa Hilton, Paralegal
    • Laura Tucker, Paralegal
    • Christine Hall, Office Manager